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Profile Testimonial: Jonathan | Pen My Online Dating Profile dating profile

Profile Testimonial: Jonathan

You’ve probably already seen the examples of our happy PenMyProfile customers over on our We Love page (if not, go read!) but sometimes we hear lovely things from people just beginning their online dating journey. 

Like Jonathan, who we wrote a profile for just this week. 

Take it away… *blushes*

Hi everyone, my names Jonathan and I’m an online dater. I feel like everyone is looking at me, you know, like they do in ‘those’ rooms. Still I felt the need to stand up and say it. Now that it’s out of the way I’ll move forward with what I’d like to say about my Pen My Profile experience.

You see for me it is a little bit of a statement. Why? Because I run Singles Warehouse, the UK’s first stop to meet singles online.

You’d think I’d be great at writing my own profile because of what I do. Truth is I suck and that people think writing an online dating profile is easy. It’s not. In fact the last time my profile was up I’d had a friend do it for me. I couldn’t think of anything worse than talking about myself let alone writing about myself.

That’s why I was so pleased that Pen My Profile offered to have a go at writing my online dating profile for me. I spoke to the team and the process was really simple. After being sent a full on personal questionnaire designed to get the most out of me I was impressed. There were questions and ideas on here I’d never thought of, and believe me I thought I’d seen it all!

Once I’d completed my personal questionnaire I sent it back to Pen My Profile. I was expecting an email to say “Are you joking…that’s not enough” but the team took my poorly put together words and created a masterpiece. My writer, James, was in touch a few times over a couple of days. He was enthusiastic about getting my profile completed and really went the extra mile to get it just right. Asking a few additional questions along the way he continued to build my profile.

Then the moment of truth arrived. It landed in my inbox. To say I was impressed is an understatement and it’s now live on Singles Warehouse. I’ve already started to get messages and that is all down to the profile.

I can’t recommend them enough. The process was fun and simple. Which is just how it should be. Don’t worry about your profile for a minute longer, let these guys help you out.


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