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Write my online dating profile | Pen My Online Dating Profile dating profile

You say tomarto I say tomayto


For our latest post over at Singles Warehouse we shared our thoughts and advice on words to avoid in your dating profile – you know the ones, those that might have you clicking the ‘back’ button as soon as you read them in someone else’s?

You can read those ‘atom bomb’ words at the link above, but in the meantime, that got us thinking – what other words now have certain reference points and euphemisms that make these ones to tread carefully around?

It has to be said that some are useful if you want to convey something like, for example, wanting kids, but other might be best avoiding.

Some of our followers on twitter pitched in some crackers – so here for your weekend wonderings is some further words which have attracted certain connotations. This is just a starter for ten to get us going, but let us know if you agree or have any additions over at twitter @penmyprofile or on facebook.

‘Have some fun’ – Looking for a casual sex-based relationship

‘Likes kids’  - Wants children

‘Curvy’ – Carrying extra weight

‘Petite’ – Short

‘Open-minded’ – Pervy


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